LavaPM is 4-years-old: ​​Chasing Greatness

Another August is here; China’s sweltering summer sun, Thailand’s humid rainy season… All familiar to us at LavaPM, even as the winds of change have been blowing for months.

Time passes in the blinker of an eye, and before we know it, LavaPM is now 4 years old.

Four years ago, inspired by ambition and driven out of necessity, I started on the road of entrepreneurship quietly in my old apartment in Beijing. It was a direction I always knew I will take, but taking the first step was still quite scary and I had to (quite a few times) force down any thoughts of doubt that inadvertently rose. With the cheapest IKEA furniture I could find, and only one employee (she’s still with us today 😊 ), my living room became the starting point for what has turned out to be a truly “roller-coaster” trip over the past years.

RS, Intel, Sharp, NBA, Wal-Mart, Krungsri, DHL, 3M… Our clientele and our service offerings developed over the past 4 years, in the face of marketing’s unbelievably frenzied pace of evolution. Still, our mission to do “marketing that delivers measurable business outcomes” remained resolute. Leveraging on best practice and local market expertise, we have integrated marketing, technology, and data, into developing practical outstanding solutions for numerous clients, delivering beyond even the most stringent of expectations.

Our industry faces a tumultuous period, and the current global pandemic situation has made things worse, but we have continued to expand our business blueprint (from traditional advertising and demand-generation to higher-level services such as content marketing, social commerce, big-data utilization and marketing technology), developed our consulting practice LavaHEAT, and continuously enhanced our competitive differentiations, making sure that we are capable of adding value to marketers no matter how their needs evolve over time.

Over the past four years, the LavaPM team has also been constantly changing.

From Beijing to Shanghai, from Shanghai to Thailand.

Although our Thai team has only been established for two years, business and scale have almost caught up with the China parent.

I have witnessed the growth and transformation of every LavaPM’er.

One has grown rapidly from a newcomer in the industry to currently heading up a region;

Many have gone from scared kids to now managing difficult accounts single-handedly;

I have observed more hair-style changes than I could count;

I have noticed bellies grow as some grew fat, yet I have also seen 6-pack abs get recovered in our LavaGYM;

LavaPM will have left a mark on every employee who walked through our doors, this I have no doubt.

I have made LavaPM to be not just home to a heart-warming family, but also to be the alchemy labs of lore, capable of transforming metals into gold.

Every LavaPM’er is passionate and strives for perfection in our work and our client deliveries. This makes us unstoppable, unbreakable, unbeatable.

That is LavaPM’s soul.

2020 has been a tough year, and honestly, I do not see a full recovery to glory days even next year.

Regardless, the agency world’s road to recovery will undoubtedly be a long and painful one.

We can’t dictate time, but we can make sure no time is wasted.

Sooner or later, the world will recover, we will be there to bask in its glory, and our success.

You are my family, I am proud of you, and I love all of you.

Keep on fighting and improving, and Happy LavaPM Day. 😊

Warmest Regards,


1 August, 2020

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