LavaPM 2020: From Zero to Hero

Time flies, 2019 has passed in a flurry, and Spring Festival is here again. As we leave the past and welcome the future, we review and summarize our achievements, gains, losses, of the past year. We also invited our company’s senior management to share their feelings and opinions for the upcoming year.

Michael Ang
Founder & CEO

The 3.5 years of LavaPM’s existence has been truly a “roller-coaster” one.

The early days of 2016 saw us starting out with one employee in my Beijing living-room office, with Ikea furniture replacing my home set-ups. We grew at break-neck speed from there, with the market showing approval of our definition of performance marketing, from reliance on a single anchor client to now having the team, expertise, experience, and creativity, to pitch against the best. And win… Our Thai business also exceeded all expectations, almost catching up with China in terms of revenue and headcount in just 2 years. Coupled with our corporate and management structures maturing significantly, the foundation has been laid for the next stage in our evolution.

2020 will be the year when we take the first steps to move from start-up stage to a more stable mid-sized enterprise level. Our abilities to retain top talent, to exceed market norms & expectations, and to come up with creative integration of data/technology and marketing, are what we have to maintain at the highest level. I am super confident that our LavaPM family will be more and more a force to be reckoned with this coming year and beyond.

Olivia Liu
Performance Director, GM Greater China Region

2019 had been a year of opportunities and challenges for LavaPM. We started to serve clients in new verticals (FMCG, Retail), and upgraded our service offerings to further embrace data & technology (database services, predictive modelling, O2O solutions, etc.), truly integrating the art and science of marketing, data and technology, to achieve our vision of performance marketing.

Talent-wise, LavaPM had also taken tremendous efforts to not just inject senior, marketing, and technical talents into the team, but also worked hard to train our existing team’s capabilities.

2020 will be a year of new challenges. As a still-young entrepreneurial team, it is only by continuously improving each of our employees’ capabilities, can LavaPM increase our footprint in the market.

Kyle Hong
Group VP, GM China East

Compared with the well-documented ups-and-downs of big agencies in 2019, LavaPM, as a start-up-stage company, had been making consistent gains at a rapid speed.

In addition to our existing B2B business, we have also expanded to servicing clients in the retail and FMCG industries. We had also done some reorganization/adjustments to our business structure and operations in the face of overall market down-turn, saying goodbye to some old friends, but also making new ones who will strengthen our furious growth ahead.

I expect that LavaPM in 2020 will see even fiercer competition, with an ever-increasing number of clients paying greater attention than ever to the integration of brand and performance. With our inherent strengths in true performance marketing, LavaPM will be in a better place than ever before, to show our competitive advantage.

Kannathakorn (Eling) Rattanawenawatee
Performance Director, Head of Thailand

2019 has been an explosive year for LavaPM Thailand, much more than we had planned for. From only 1 client and 7 employees at the beginning of the year, we have grown to 20+ clients from a myriad of industries and 25 multi-talented headcount by year-end. In terms of services, our repertoire had also expanded rapidly from traditional advertising and lead generation, to content marketing, social activation, and higher-level data/tech services (big data localization, attribution modeling, marketing automation, predictive analytics, etc).

For 2020, LavaPM is forecasting to break into Thailand’s top 10 in terms of digital ad-spend market-share. We will continue to evangelize our brand of performance marketing to Thai marketers and beyond.

Chris Kho
Senior Director, Corporate Finance

LavaPM started very humbly; with 2 employees, few clients, no funding, home office, etc.. Stubbornly holding on to our vision of changing the way agencies support marketers, we fought to create and execute service offerings that were both practical and localized.

We are exiting 2019 with a real industry solution that combines the art and science of marketing, data, technology, and with a significantly differentiated service offering for the China and Thai markets. Client-base is getting stronger every year, consulting revenue is increasing, and our team is growing stronger than ever before.

I feel that 2020 is going to define LavaPM’s next stage; we need to continue providing differentiated services and solutions for marketers, we need to continue investing into scalability, flexibility, security, and we need to continue honing our incredible ability to learn and adapt fast. Going into 2020 with a striving team, strong client-base, and growing momentum, I am excited to be part of the next stage in LavaPM’s evolution.

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