How should we adapt our marketing plan to the pandemic situation?

Should we decrease our marketing budget, when considering a decrease in the demand these days?

This might be the question that many of the businesses are trying to find the answer. Furthermore, during the current outbreak, various businesses might wonder what their next step should be. However, as company which has experience working with variety of businesses, we would like to suggest the brand to emphasize its brand voice because the brand will gain benefit when the market and the demand are able to be recovered. Most importantly, consumers will only remember the brand that always keeps their voice.

It’s a good time for the industry like online education, telecommunication, and delivery service, specifically, for fresh food and medicine to expand their benefit since these demands have been amplified during the outbreak. Moreover, consumers have no choice rather than using these products. It’s a good opportunity for the brand to approach their consumer in the way that could lead to a conversion based on this new consumer behavior. Since currently there isn’t many promotion and brands in all media channels, the brand may get more SOV with less input.

Marketing Channel

Traditional offline advertising has been losing its superior to online advertising due to the shape drop in the number of people who involve in outdoor activities caused by the outbreak.

Due to the fact that most of the people stay home and work from home, they have more time using their phone and Smart TV. We can see the rapid growth in the number of users and the amount of time that they spend consuming entertainment, educational Apps, and Smart TV. Therefore, if you decide to launch a campaign during this period, you may first consider these types of media channels for your promotion. Through these actions we can sustain our reach broader to capture new user exposure and experience toward the brand which at the same time can increase our database as well.

Marketing Content

If your brand wants to make some voice, please be noted that the public sentiment is the most significant factor for the brand to be aware of. Chinese consumers need support and encouragement. Therefore, if you create some practical and useful action, you’ll gain their recognition in return. For instance, the sports brands might want to share some content about the dietary food which is suitable for a home exercising to encourage people to pay attention to health and physical quality. Whether the actual action, emotional output, or the content from the brand, will be remembered.

We can see that some corporations may face bankrupt while some business is able to develop a new model from offline to online by utilizing their online clients’ data asset to start their business online or to satisfy clients’ future needs like encourage hotel reservation and flight booking on National Day with a package price.

Challenges and opportunity for corporate 

If you run your business based on your customer online data bank, you’ll most likely survive from any outbreak because you’ve already got the most important asset in your own hand and significantly know how to utilize it.

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LavaPM has experience in brand along with our marketing professionals, consultant, and data scientist. We also have an advanced Mar-tech CDP (consumer data management platform) named LavaHeat.

We provide brand marketing, consulting, data and nurture service. We can be your best assistant who builds and utilize your company’s data bank and propose an annual marketing plan based on brand and data analysis. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about your data security because they can all be based on your company’s cloud server.

LavaPM always believes and strives to provide Marketing service that delivers measurable business outcomes.

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