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LavaPM is a performance marketing agency, providing comprehensive end-to-end marketing & data/tech-consulting services to help clients achieve measurable business outcomes.

LavaPM Story

Aug 2016
LavaPM in corporate at Beijing.
Sep 2016
Starting out with two employees in LavaPM's CEO Beijing living-room office, with Ikea furniture replacing his home set-ups.
Dec 2016
Won first pitching: Intel brand which work together with Ogilvy agency.
Feb 2017
Got biggest client: Sharp brand which work together with Ogilvy agency.
Mar 2017
LavaPM expand to Shanghai as small office with 3 employees.
Dec 2017
LavaPM has 12 employees at both Beijing and Shanghai and got total billing 250 million RMB.
Mar 2018
We built LavaHEAT development team and started working on our proprietary MarTech stack.
Aug 2018
LavaPM office at Thailand was opened.
Aug 2018
LavaHEAT alpha version launched.
Nov 2019
LavaHEAT data launched.
Jan 2019
LavaPM has all employees about 35 people.
Dec 2019
Got largest client in Thailand: Krungsri brand. We won the game and beat other big agencies.
Jan 2020
LavaPM has all employees about 50 people.
Feb 2020
Started “LavaHEAT - Data/Tech Consulting Services”

Why LavaPM?

1 To deliver measurable business outcomes

The philosophy of LavaPM is to provide quantifiable business outcomes. We leverage data for active strategy development and marketing execution to achieve each of the business objectives.

2 Get an end-to-end One-Stop Service

At LavaPM, we provide end-to-end service for our client’s needs from the beginning to the end. The services include:

  1. Pre-Go-to-Market: We are data-oriented experts specializing in performing data footprint analysis. Our services cover a wide range of marketing aspects, from market & product analysis to audience segmentation, consumer journey analysis, and content strategy.
  2. Go-to-Market: We focus on marketing campaign optimization for all marketing components, whether this is the creative and content, media, or real-time bidding to deliver results at a desirable cost.
  3. Post-Go-To-Market: Our main objective at LavaPM is to provide the businesses with measurable outcomes. Many companies’ goals are lead generation and conversion. Through Nurture Marketing, we leverage our content and marketing automation expertise to help business drives more sales. We go beyond the norm to deliver better sales conversion by setting up all of the most accurate metrics necessary for continuous improvements.

3 Think of marketing in China. Think of LavaPM

Our company headquarters are established in Shanghai, China. Our China team has many experiences working with large-sized clients with an investment of considerable size. We are an expert about Chinese consumer insights and a specialist in doing marketing in China. 

4 LavaPM team members are well-versed specialists across many industries

Our team members consist of marketing specialists from the top agencies in Asia. The members had previous experiences in handling client in various sectors, making our each of the employees an expert in their fields. LavaPM values education for people’s improvement. We continuously train our employees with reliable experts keeping everyone updated with the most current market trends. We move and adapt fast to the world’s changes to apply the most up-to-date knowledge in solving our client’s problems. 

5 Choose our high-quality work standards as working big brand customers from various industries.

We have worked with many well-known brands, including Walmart, Toshiba, 3M, with overall spending of over 1 Billion RMB (or 4.5 Billion Baht) in China. The past services used include, for example, media planning and execution, creative, data services, e-commerce, and o2o. In Thailand, we also work with many major brands, including Hooq, Krungsri Bank, Thai Smiles, Samsung, and many more. We aim to continue working such high-standard with our future clients.

Management Team

Management Team

Michael Ang

CEO & Founder

Chris Kho

Chief Financial Officer


Head of Thailand


Performance Director,
Head of Marketing


Performance Director
Project Director


Head of Data Tech

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